Alexa could be smarter and more useful… if you're willing to pay

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Amazon’s Alexa has been able to carve out a niche for itself in the voice assistant market despite not having a dedicated platform. While it’s a very useful tool, it has not been making the company any money. Well, the massive e-commerce company could be looking to change this by bringing a paid version of the voice assistant. According to sources, Amazon might introduce a paid version of Alexa called Alexa Plus.

Alexa remains one of the more useful voice assistants that you can use, and it sits apart from the other three major assistants. Google Assistant comes pre-installed on all Android devices, Bixby comes on Galaxy devices, and Siri is an iOS mainstay. Alexa, is different in that it’s a free agent. It comes pre-installed on Fire devices (Fire tablets and Fire TV devices), but you can also install it on other Android devices. It even came installed on a few Lenovo laptops.


Regardless of that fact, Amazon has been struggling to find ways to make money from it.

Well, Amazon might have a solution in the form of Alexa Plus

Back in September, Amazon announced that Alexa was going to get a boost thanks to generative AI. The company touched on it, during the presentation, but it’s been silent about it over these past few months. Well, we’re now finally starting to hear about it again. This is still early information about the product, so you’ll want to take it with a grain of salt.

According to sources, Amazon is planning on offering a product called Alexa Plus. This could be the Alexa voice assistant that uses generative AI. So, you’ll simply ask it to generate stories, recipes, poems, etc. and it will give you a vocal response. We saw some examples of this during the original presentation.

Amazon said that it was going to eventually launch it, but there was one important bit of information that it left out. The word is that this version of Alexa is going to cost money to access. Right now, we don’t know what the company will charge for it, so we’ll need to wait for that information. This is just speculation, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Alexa Plus is also a perk included in Amazon Prime.

Amazon is currently testing this new platform, and it could possibly hit the market officially on June 30th this year. That’s still quite some time to wait, but eager Amazon fans will be marking their calendars.