Pick up the Amazon Fire 11 Max for $80 off for Black Friday

Featured image for Pick up the Amazon Fire 11 Max for $80 off for Black Friday

If you own one of Amazon’s Fire tablets, then now is the perfect time to upgrade. Right now, Amazon is selling its biggest and most advanced Fire tablet for a whopping $80 off. We’re talking about the Amazon Fire 11 Max, and you can have this tablet for only $149.99 for Black Friday. That’s a deep discount off of an already extremely accessible price.

Amazon doesn’t bother too much with the specs when it comes to its devices. Moreover, the company focuses on the experience. The core of the Amazon Fire tablet experience is seamlessly connecting you to all of the great services that Amazon provides. While Amazon does have its hardware devices, its main ecosystem is in software services.


Are you an avid Amazon shopper, well you have easy access to the Amazon store and recommendations for what to buy. Do you have Amazon Fire Video, well that app comes pre-installed, and you can see recommended content right in the interface. Do you like listening to Amazon music, well, that service comes pre-installed into the software.

This is the kind of tablet to get if you enjoy watching and listening to media. It has a large 11-inch screen that looks very nice. While you’re watching videos, you’ll definitely have a great video-watching experience. Not only that, but it does have some updated hardware. This means that you will have a smoother experience while using your tablet. You won’t have to worry about any sort of slowdown.

Overall, this is an amazing device to get if you really want to enjoy your video-watching experience. Also, the $80 discount only sweetens the deal.