This is the Best Robot Vacuum and it's now $300 off

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If you were to ask me, someone who has reviewed over 10 different robot vacuums this year and over 50 in the past five years, which is the best robot vacuum? I’d have to say the ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 Omni. And today you can get a pretty good discount on it, it’s now available for just $1,199 – that’s a $300 discount. This is not a cheap robot vacuum, of course to be the best, it can’t be cheap.

I’ve reviewed the ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 Omni and still continue to use it every day. I absolutely love this robot vacuum because it is the best at just about everything. It has powerful suction, rated at 8000Pa. Now just for some clarity, most other robot vacuums are around 3000Pa, with a few getting up to 6000Pa. Regular vacuums normally start at about 8000Pa suction, so this is rather incredible. If you have a pet like me, then this is the perfect robot vacuum.


But let’s not forget that the ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 Omni does more than just vacuuming. It can also mop your floors for you. Now, unlike other robot vacuums that have a mopping pad, this has literal mops on the bottom of the vacuum, that do an excellent job of scrubbing your floors.

ECOVACS does include a pretty large dock with the DEEBOT X2 Omni. This docking station will empty the dustbin, which is a big whoop; every dock does that now. But it will also refill the water reservoir for mopping and clean your mops. Now, since the X2 Omni is using actual mopping heads versus a mopping pad, they are going to hold onto water more. ECOVACS has thought about that too and has added the ability for the dock to dry the mops with heat. So after it has finished cleaning your home, you might hear the heater going for some time, as it is attempting to dry the mops.

An important aspect of a robot vacuum these days is navigation, and avoiding objects. And when I say that the DEEBOT X2 Omni is fantastic at avoiding objects, I mean it. I have not ever needed to rescue the robot from getting caught on something, or getting stuck in a corner. This is not something I can say about any other robot vacuum.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 Omni is just such a great robot vacuum. Sure, it is pretty pricey, even with this discount, but I have to say that it is a really good robot vacuum that will save you time and energy. And that is worth the price tag here.

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