Exciting camera upgrade details tipped for iPhone 16 Pro Max

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Alongside the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, the upcoming iPhone 16 series has already entered conversations, with expectations of significant camera upgrades on the Pro models. According to reliable tipster Digital Chat Station (translated from Chinese), the iPhone 16 Pro Max is likely to feature a custom Sony IMX903 sensor in its rear camera setup.

While boasting a similar 48-megapixel resolution to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the IMX803, this new sensor promises an increased size, potentially enhancing light capture and delivering superior photo and video quality.


iPhone 16 Pro Max main sensor details (rumored)

The focal point of the rumored camera upgrade lies in the adoption of the custom-made Sony IMX903 sensor. Although the increase in size from 1/1.28 inches to 1/1.14 inches might seem incremental, it holds the promise of improved performance in various lighting conditions. This enhancement aligns with Apple’s commitment to delivering top-notch photography and videography experiences to users. The sensor is likely to bring optimizations that contribute to improving the overall image quality.

Interestingly, the custom 48MP sensor from Sony was previously rumored for the Pro models in the iPhone 15 series. However, Apple opted for the IMX803 in the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The delay in incorporating the sensor raises anticipation for its debut in the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max, offering users the camera advancements they may have missed out on in the previous release.

iPhone 16 Pro Max camera rumor

Overall camera upgrades and anticipated features

While details about the camera upgrades are still emerging, rumors hint at improvements beyond the main sensor. Speculations include enhancements to the ultrawide camera and an extended optical zoom range. Additionally, there are murmurs about the introduction of a new button, adding to the list of anticipated features for the iPhone 16 series.

As Apple typically follows a September launch schedule, users can expect further leaks and rumors leading up to the official release.