Get hands-on with Galaxy AI at Samsung Galaxy Experience Spaces

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A few days back, Samsung put up giant billboards across several big cities worldwide to promote Galaxy AI, a suite of on-device AI features debuting with the Galaxy S24 series next week. The company has now announced Galaxy Experience Spaces to let fans get hands-on with Galaxy AI and the new flagships. These spaces will open following the Galaxy Unpacked launch event on January 17.

Samsung to open several Galaxy Experience Spaces globally

As of this writing, Samsung has confirmed plans to open Galaxy Experience Spaces in Bangkok, Thailand; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Dubai, the UAE; London, the UK; New York, the US; Paris, France; and Seoul; South Korea. These immersive spaces will showcase “how Galaxy AI enables new ways to connect, create, and play” on mobile devices. The exact locations of the venues are available here.


The venues will feature interactive zones where visitors can experience how Galaxy AI amplifies everyday activities. From discovering new places and capturing and sharing precious moments to communicating across language barriers, Galaxy AI assists you in everything. It enables you to do things in a whole new way. “Immediately upon entering these spaces, visitors will know they’ve stepped into a world of possibilities,” Samsung says.

Everything visitors experience at these venues will be available on the next Galaxy device, i.e. the Galaxy S24 series. The Korean firm hints at improved camera and gaming performance thanks to AI. “Fan favorites like Nightography and next-level gaming will captivate visitors,” it says. Visitors can also participate in exclusive giveaways, including an unspecified “special prize” for a lucky winner.

The spaces will open on the Galaxy S24 launch day

Except for Barcelona, these Galaxy Experience Spaces will go live in all aforementioned cities shortly after the Galaxy S24 launch on January 17. Since the launch event will take place in San Jose, USA, it falls late on January 18 in some regions due to the time difference. In Barcelona, Samsung will open the immersive space on February 15. It will welcome visitors to the venue till February 29. The venues in other cities close between February 11-16.

“Samsung Galaxy empowers people with new experiences and new ways to do what they love. With Galaxy AI, we’re redefining what’s possible on mobile devices,” said Stephanie Choi, EVP & Head of Marketing of the Mobile Experience Business at Samsung. “These spaces will give Galaxy fans the first opportunity to see a new era of innovation firsthand, and we can’t wait to see how Galaxy AI will empower people to unleash their potential.”