Getty Images & Nvidia announce Generative AI by iStock

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Getty Images and Nvidia are partnering to launch Generative AI by iStock, as per an announcement during CES 2024. This collaborative effort between the visual media firm and the tech giant will result in a text-to-image generation platform. So, the next time you’re looking for relevant stock photos and can’t find what you need, you could enter a prompt like “a guy using a computer in a library.” There’s a high chance you’ll get the exact image or something similar.

Getty Images and Nvidia will launch Generative AI by iStock

Generative AI by Getty Images is the key inspiration behind iStock’s new image-making tool. However, there’s a difference in who they’re made for. Getty Images mainly serves big companies, while iStock caters to individual users and small businesses.


Perhaps, you’d know that using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate images has been a risky business. Because AI models like OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 train on vast datasets of images online. Nevertheless, one recent research also pointed out the use of child imagery in these datasets. However, iStock’s tool uses technology from Nvidia called the Picasso model and learns from Getty’s and iStock’s photo collections. It doesn’t use Getty’s news or famous people’s photos to make sure it doesn’t accidentally copy any trademarks or well-known faces.

It comes at $14.99 for 100 requests, and each gives four images

Getty’s Grant Farhall explained to The Verge that iStock designed its new AI tool for small to medium businesses that need stock photos. This tool helps users save time and get specific photos without using a real camera. All of this comes at a charge, and using the iStock AI will cost $14.99 for 100 requests. Each request gives four images.

There’s a key difference from Getty Images’ AI platform: the iStock service doesn’t offer unlimited legal protection. Users are covered up to $10,000 per image, which is the same as the current license for their regular photo library. Contributors whose content helped train the AI model can also share in the revenue.

Additionally, the iStock platform will soon have features called Inpainting and Outpainting. Inpainting allows users to hide an area in an image and replace it with a person or object based on a written prompt. Outpainting lets users expand a photo for different sizes and fill in those new areas.