A 30-second Google Pixel Watch 2 ad pops up early

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Google will announce the Pixel Watch 2 alongside the Pixel 8 series later today. Having said that, a new ad has surfaced online, and this one is completely focused on the Pixel Watch 2.

Leaked Google Pixel Watch 2 ad gives us a good look at the watch & its features

This ad has been shared by Arsène Lupin, a source of many Google leaks in the last couple of days. He shared a 30-second ad for the Pixel Watch 2, an ad that will presumably air later today, during the event.


Now, this ad will give you a better look at the watch itself, which resembles the first-gen model a lot. In fact, Google basically decided to keep the same design this time around. A circular display is here, along with a minimalistic design, and two buttons, one of which doubles as a rotating crown.

The heart rate sensor is shown in the ad, as is the phone’s speaker. The ad also emphasizes ‘Advanced Heart Rate Tracking’ and stress tracking as well. You can also see parts of that UI.

The ‘Safety Check’ feature is mentioned here, and parts of UI are shown too

The ‘Safety Check’ feature is highlighted as well, as is location sharing in real-time. You can also check out the sleep tracking UI here. On top of everything, Google is also teasing a 24-hour battery life in the ad. That is an area where most skepticism will likely occur. The original Pixel Watch didn’t exactly offer great battery life.

Always On Display (AOD) is also mentioned here, and demonstrated too. That’s basically it. Throughout the ad, we only get to see the black version of the watch with a black silicone strap attached to it.

The Pixel Watch 2 will allegedly keep the same price tags as its predecessor. The Wi-Fi model will cost $349, while the LTE model will set you back $399. Even the product page of the Pixel Watch 2 surfaced recently, so there’s really nothing left to hide at this point.