Huawei & Ericsson sign a long-term 5G cross-licensing agreement

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With the boom in 5G connectivity around the world, Huawei and Ericsson are moving into a long-term business partnership. This partnership will enable both parties to make use of each other’s patents. It also covers 3GPP, ITU, IEE, and IETF for all major cellular technology standards.

This is a major move for the two firms, considering that they are both well-recognized in the industry. Despite the challenges it faces, Huawei is still making waves in the tech industry. Ericsson, on its part, is one of the major 5G equipment vendors in the world now and is also making impressive moves.


Exchanging patents between one another will enable these companies to make more advancements in the connectivity industry. This will not only be beneficial to both company’s businesses but also help prepare innovations for the end consumer. Here are the details of this partnership that were given by top officials in both firms.

Official details on the Huawei and Ericsson long-term 5G patent partnership

In an official statement from Huawei, the company points out what this partnership will cover. According to the statement, this agreement will cover the respective sale of network infrastructure and consumer devices by both companies. This will help standardize the technology that both firms roll out since they’d both have access to each other’s patents.

Both firms have their wins in the tech industry that make them stand out. On the part of Huawei, they have a vital part in the cellular, WiFi, and multimedia codecs tech industry. In terms of patents, Huawei tops the 2022 European Patent Office’s applicant ranking with 4,505 applications. 

Ericsson on their part has been a leading contributor to 3GPP and also the development of mobile standards. The company has over 60,000 granted patents, making them a top 5G vendor. Bringing these two firms together will bring a ton of improvements to the tech industry.

Both firms are very optimistic about this partnership and how it’d benefit other industries. These include areas such as the health sector and other consumer industries. Ericsson is certain that their 2023 IPR licensing revenues will hit approximately 1 billion USD.

This partnership is aimed at growing the businesses of both Huawei and Ericsson. In the coming months, netizens will see the impact of this partnership in various industries. Bringing the largest holder of 5G patents together with one of the leading 5G vendors might hold a lot in store for the tech industry.