Save $150 on this LG 45-inch UltraGear gaming monitor

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Nothing brings games to life in a more exciting way than a really good gaming monitor, and that’s why we love this deal on the LG 45GR65DC-B 45-inch UltraGear monitor. This is an ultrawide gaming monitor with lots of really cool features to make the most of your gaming experience. But before we get into that let’s talk about the price. The regular price of this monitor is $699.99. Honestly, that’s pretty good if you look at the features and specs this monitor offers. But right now Amazon is offering the monitor at a discount of $150. That means you can snag the monitor for $549.99 instead of $699.99.

If $549.99 still sounds like a lot to you for a gaming monitor, trust us. The prices can go way higher than this and under $600 for what you get here is absolutely worth it. For starters, this is a QHD monitor with a 200Hz refresh rate. The QHD resolution is more than fine for games and even though it isn’t 4K, your games will still look great. More important is the 200Hz refresh rate so your games look smooth. The monitor also supports HDMI 2.1 so you can plug in your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and get the benefits those offer.


You won’t get the 4K but you will get the faster refresh rate. And the way games on both consoles work right now, you have to choose one or the other so you don’t get both anyway. What really makes this monitor awesome is the Picture-by-Picture mode. This will let you display the picture from two different sources right next to each other. You can pull up your console on one side and your PC on the other. Allowing you to easily watch videos or stream chat while you play.

Since this is also a curved monitor you get a more immersive view of your games as well. And the included stand lets you raise, lower, tilt, and swivel the monitor to fit your perfect view. Making it great for ergonomics.

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