Microsoft calls Edge an "AI Browser" (because AI makes everything better, apparently)

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Ever since OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT, Microsoft has entered a very close and expensive relationship with the company. Ever since then, Microsoft has been going all in on AI to the point where it gets to be a bit much. After injecting its Edge browser with so much AI that it’s almost a completely different program, Microsoft is now calling the Edge browser an AI browser.

Right now, AI is the main buzzword and has been for well over a year. There are thousands if not over a million apps and services that claim to bring some sort of AI prowess to make your life better. Also, existing companies are now adding AI tools to their tool belt. X (formerly Twitter), Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat all have their own AI chatbots for example.


In the case of Microsoft, the company has been doing a ton of work to make the Edge browser proper competition for Google Chrome and the Bing search engine proper competition for Google. Currently, Google owns the search engine and browser markets.

Microsoft calls Edge an AI browser

Ever since Microsoft basically adopted OpenAI as its child, the Edge browser has been getting a gigantic AI makeover for better or worse. Well, a lot of the AI made it into the mobile version of the browser. And, it looks like Microsoft really wants you to know that you’ll be getting a powerful AI experience because it says so in the title. Looking at the title on the Google Play Store, we see that it’s called Microsoft Edge: AI browser.

This is basically the company trying to capitalize on the fact that AI is a big buzzword. You can’t go anywhere online without seeing some new AI service that utilizes OpenAI’s GPT or other AI models to perform tasks. In the case of Microsoft, the company has been trying to do everything it could to make Edge a powerful and compelling AI experience.

With this new title, Microsoft didn’t change anything in Edge. At this point, it just wants you to know that it heavily utilizes AI technology. Whether or not this will drive more people to use it in lieu of Google Chrome is yet to be seen