Microsoft seeks no control over OpenAI, just a stable partnership

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently spoke about the company’s collaboration with OpenAI in an interview with Bloomberg. Sharing his views on the partnership with the non-profit organization, Nadella talked about the importance of stability, consistency, and good governance over OpenAI.

Notably, Microsoft is the largest investor in OpenAI, with a substantial $13 billion investment in the organization.


Microsoft CEO talks about the commitment to even deeper collaboration with OpenAI for future

According to the CEO, Microsoft believes in the structure of its business partner in question but also sees the importance of a board controlling the operations. However, despite being the primary investor, Nadella clarified that Microsoft does not seek any kind of increased control over OpenAI and is not pushing for a seat on the organization’s board.

In the interview, Nadella noted that they have integrated OpenAI‘s technology into Microsoft’s entire product line. This includes the newly released Copilot Pro, which the company has integrated into its Office applications.

It demonstrates the depth of collaboration between the two entities and Nadella further hinted about the company’s vision for even deeper integrations in the future.

Nadella also talks about Microsoft’s independent AI research

Nadella assured that Microsoft while benefiting from the partnership, maintains independence in its AI research endeavors. “It’s not like we are single-threaded” Nadella said “We care deeply about having the best frontier model, which happens to be, for example, today, GPT-4. But we also have mixed reality as a model inside Azure.”

He also mentions Llama and PIE (Partner Investment Engine) highlighting Microsoft’s independent AI research.

Looking to the future, Nadella identified opportunities for Microsoft in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, specifically in new interfaces and application models. Expressing interest in participating in hardware leveraging AI technologies, Nadella highlighted Microsoft’s strategic focus on upcoming developments in the AI field.

This signals Microsoft’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI innovation and its recognition of the transformative potential that AI technologies offer across various industries.