Sony Group CEO says more PlayStation games are coming to PC

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PlayStation games launching on PC has been a long time coming and Sony isn’t done yet. Over the last few years, it’s ported a number of its exclusive releases to the PC platform. With the help of studios like Nixxes Software, which it acquired back in 2021, Sony has been porting more of its games to PC through launchers like Steam. There are still more of its famed exclusives that could stand to make the jump, though. And thankfully, there’s a chance we’ll eventually get to see some of those magnificent game releases outside of the PlayStation console platform.

In a recent interview with Norges Bank Investment Management, Sony Group CEO Kenichiro Yoshida talked about a wide range of different topics surrounding Sony’s business and operations. There was a small segment about gaming, in which Norges CEO Nicolai Tangen asked Yoshida where he sees the future of gaming. Part of Yoshida’s response included that Sony plans to expand more PlayStation gaming experiences to PC, mobile, and the cloud. Yoshida doesn’t elaborate on any games specifically, just that players can expect more of these experiences in the future.


“In short, it will be ubiquitous. Wherever there is computing, users will be able to play their favorite games seamlessly. While PlayStation will remain our core product, we will expand our gaming experiences to PC, mobile, and cloud,” Yoshida says.

What PlayStation games can players expect to see on PC this year?

This is a very short list when it comes to the confirmed games. But there is a longer list of titles that you can make educated guesses about. For confirmed releases, Sony plans to launch Helldivers II and Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition on PC in 2024. There’s no word yet on when exactly Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PC. However, Sony did confirm it would be an “early 2024” release. You can currently add it to your Steam Wishlist too if you want a slight heads-up. As Valve will notify you on release via email when the game drops.

Helldivers II on the other hand is a different story. This game will launch officially on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam on February 8. So you only have another two weeks before you can play it.

Unconfirmed games that could get a PC release

Outside of Helldivers II and Horizon Forbidden West, it’s unclear what other plans Sony may have for exclusives getting a PC release.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is almost a guarantee at some point. But don’t expect it to land on PC anytime this year. It only just released for PlayStation 5 back at the end of October. However, both the original Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are available on PC now. So it would be strange if the sequel didn’t eventually come over as well.

Sony might also bring over God Of War: Ragnarok at some point given the 2018 release is already available on PC too. The Last of Us Part II could be yet another PC release at some point with the first game in the series getting a PC release back in March of 2023. Of course, some fans are still hoping that Bloodborne will finally launch on PC. And some of Sony’s best exclusives are games that come from Bellevue, Washington-based Sucker Punch Productions. Including the inFamous games and the more recently released Ghost of Tsushima.

All of that being said, none of these games have ever been mentioned by Sony as coming to PC. But many if not all of them would be big hits with the PC crowd, as they would likely include many improvements that Playstation consoles aren’t capable of providing.