Nokia is set to transform 5G with network slicing

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It’s no surprise that the advent of 5G has truly changed the telecommunication landscape, enabling internet speeds that seemed impossible just ten years ago. However, this landscape could change even further, as Nokia recently announced a new feature that would allow Android 14 users to purchase and activate network slices directly from their operators.

What exactly is Network Slicing?

The concept of network slicing involves dividing a physical network infrastructure into multiple virtual networks, thereby enabling customized and optimized services for different applications. For example, one 5G network slice can offer improved network performance and reduced latency for cloud gaming enthusiasts, while another can enable spectators at live sporting events to access video replays and real-time statistics. Additionally, network slicing would help significantly reduce network congestion, a common issue faced by public networks.


Although implementing this feature might seem costly and time-consuming, Nokia has devised a monetization strategy in which wireless providers will offer these specialized 5G network slices to subscribers in specific regions, thus creating new revenue streams and establishing a sustainable business model.

However, it’s important to note that Nokia isn’t the only company that has developed network slicing. This is because Ericsson, Oppo, and Qualcomm have previously tested 5G enterprise network slicing on commercially available smartphones, laying the groundwork for broader adoption of this technology.

Launching with Android 14

Nokia first tested the on-demand network slicing in Finland, where the tests demonstrated seamless compatibility with all 4G and 5G devices. As a result, the company aims to launch the feature with the release of Android 14, providing users with much faster speeds and reliability.

Speaking about the achievements, Ari Kynäslahti, Head of Strategy and Technology at Nokia Mobile Networks, stated, “This trial of the on-demand slicing solution for Android smartphone users is another step towards our goal of supporting new monetization opportunities for our operator partners. Slicing unlocks new 5G business possibilities for mobile operators, allowing them to provide premium services and enhance customer experiences.”