OpenAI opens its GPT Store, a place to buy customized versions of ChatGPT

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Right now, when you use chat CPT, you’re pretty much confined to one version of the chatbot. If you want something specialized, you have to go to other sources. However, OpenAI is looking to change that by introducing the GPT Store. This is a place where you can buy different customized versions of ChatGPT to suit your specific needs.

You’re able to customize ChatGPT to an extent by using Custom Instructions. This lets you tell ChatGPT a bit about yourself and why you’re using the platform. This way, it will have the context needed to generate content based on what you need. So, this is one way you can customize ChatGPT for your preferences.


OpenAI unveils the GPT Store

ChatGPT is smart; it’s a virtual Jack of all trades. However, what if you need a jack of one trade? Well, this is where the OpenAI GPT Store comes in. The company announced this Wednesday. Basically, it’s a digital storefront where you can buy customized versions of ChatGPT.

There are different GPTs like ones customized for generating stories, teaching you how to code, analyzing text, scanning PDF files, Etc. Think of it like an app store for different AI chatbots.

Right now, there are dozens of GPTs that you can access, and they’re all separated into different categories. There are bots that center around image generation, writing, productivity, research analysis, programming, education, and lifestyle. There are also a fair amount of GPTs crafted by the ChatGPT team at OpenAI.

These are user-created

This seems to be a pretty open market, as you’re able to post your own GPTs to the store. So, if you’ve built your own GPT, you can easily post it to the store. Eventually, creators will be able to earn from the GPS that they built.  OpenAI is going to open a GPT Builder Revenue program. Initially, it’ll be available for users in the U.S. So, it seems like OpenAI will take a cut of the revenue that you get from purchases, and give the rest to you.


Who can buy GPTs?

It seems weird that you have to spend money in order to spend more money, but that seems to be the way things are at the moment. In order to access the GPT store, you need to have a ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, or Team subscription. These are all paid accounts, so you won’t be able to access the GPTs if you’re on the free plan.

If you have the proper subscription, you can go to the official GPT Store and explore the GPTs that you want to purchase. Once you purchase it, you’ll be able to access it right from the ChatGPT screen.