AH Reader's Choice Awards: Best Tablet of 2023 – Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 captured the hearts of our readers, and it’s easy to see why

There are so many tablets on the market, which proves that the tablet market is not extinct. In fact, it’s alive and well with companies like Samsung and others keeping it fresh. This year, the company released the incredible Galaxy Tab S9. There are three different variants of this tablet, and the base-level Galaxy Tab S9 resonated the most with the users.

Samsung put its best in its tablets and it shows with this latest batch of devices. They’re running the latest and most powerful chips powering most devices on the market, so you know that you’re dealing with some serious power. You’re able to breeze through any task that you’ll throw at it. This means that you can expect a quality productivity experience with this tablet.

If you’re looking for a device to get some serious work done, then you’ll feel at home. The Galaxy Tablets are built with productivity in mind. You’ll be able to do all sorts of tasks like writing, recording, video editing, photo editing, web surfing, ETC. without skipping a beat. The Galaxy Tab S9 is the perfect business partner for you.

The screen is a large part of the experience

This is a Samsung device, so you know that it’s coming with a quality screen. The company gave this tablet one of the best OLED screens that it’s ever made, and you’ll be able to tell. Everything from the colors to the brightness is just amazing. Most likely, you’re not only going to use this for work. There’s a chance that you’re going to also use this to watch some content like movies and TV shows.


Well, if you’re planning on using this tablet as your main media device, you won’t have any issues. It’s very sharp and, overall, just a gorgeous display. No matter what streaming service you watch, everything will look amazing.

As for the brightness, you won’t have any problem viewing this tablet’s screen in the sun. If you find yourself working outside, you’ll be able to see it just fine.

The S Pen is a plus

Samsung hit gold with its S Pen stylus, and it’s been core to the Galaxy experience. Well, you’ll get an S Pen included with the tablet. With it, you’re able to write and draw on your tablet smoothly. If you’re an artist who wants to draw on the go or a person who likes to sign documents, this is the device for you.

When it comes to an overall amazing tablet experience, there are few other options that can compete with this tablet. You’re sure to get a more powerful experience with the Galaxy Tab S9+ or Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, but the base Galaxy Tab S9 is more affordable, and it still gives you an unmatched user experience. This is why this tablet won the AH Reader’s Choice Award for best tablet of 2023.