If you hurry you can save up to 21% on the Galaxy Watch 6

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is probably the best smartwatch for most Android users and you can currently get it at a 21% discount at Amazon. This sale is available for the Galaxy Watch 6 only and not the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, but the discount does apply to both the 40mm and 44mm versions of the watch. As well as the Bluetooth and LTE versions. With this discount, you can get a Galaxy Watch 6 for as little as $236.35.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 is a super capable smartwatch, and it’s one of our current favorites available for Android users. While something like the Pixel Watch 2 is great for Pixel users specifically, the Galaxy Watch 6 is great for any Android device. It has a brilliant, bright display that’s easy to see in sunlight and great battery life compared to most Wear OS smartwatches. You should get around two days out of it which is pretty good.


You still might need to charge it nightly depending on how you use it. But in most cases expect to go a couple of days before needing to power it back up to 100%. The watch comes on Wear OS 4 right out of the box and this is one of the other reasons why this watch is so good. It runs buttery smooth with the Wear OS 4 software. This also helps the battery life too. So it’s not just a benefit for performance. Which, by the way, is excellent here with little to no hitches when scrolling through menus and such.

In terms of features, the watch does pretty much everything you can think of. Sleep tracking, activity tracking, and stress management are all big parts of the watch. You can also use it to track menstrual cycles and the occasional message reply when one comes in from your phone. If need be, you can even use it for mobile payments. This is one of my favorite features about it. It’s just so easy to tap your watch to the payment kiosk at store checkouts and pay for your stuff. And this is way easier than pulling your phone or your actual wallet out of your pocket.

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