Sony's latest PS5 system software update blocks Cronus software

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Sony has pushed out a new update to its PS5 console today that updates the system software, and one of the big changes is the disabling of Cronus software. Without the software working properly, you can’t use a device like the Cronus Zen if you were to plug it into the console.

Sony itself doesn’t mention anything about the update’s details. The update package is over 1GB so disabling the Cronus devices isn’t the only thing it does. But without any patch notes or an official PlayStation blog post, it’s tough to know what other changes are included. The takeaway here is that the Cronus Zen will no longer be usable on the PS5. And that’s going to delight a large portion of players who enjoy games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Fortnite, Destiny 2, and other shooters.


While all those games are available on other platforms, those who play on PS5 have been locked out of using the Cronus Zen. This will hopefully improve the player experience in those games, although time will tell how long this incompatibility issue lasts. Cronus has updated its web page with a notice that acknowledges the system software update breaking its device. The company seems to be working on a fix but it doesn’t have a timetable. Noting that it could be as little as 24 hours or as much as 24 months.

PS5 System Software Update Cronus Disabled

What the PS5 system update means for Cronus users

Not everyone uses a Cronus device for the same reasons. But a majority of people playing games with this device are doing so with bad intentions. It can be and is used by people who have disabilities and may need help with accessibility features and hardware to play certain games. However, a large portion of people who use them do so to gain unfair advantages in shooter games. This includes adjusting things like weapon recoil and aim assist. You can also use them to set up macros.

Basically, all the things you generally can’t do with a controller on a console. As spotted by user @CharlieINTEL on X, the update should be available on all consoles. Since it was likely pushed out earlier this morning. While users can get around this by avoiding the software update, there’s a good chance the update includes improvements and other fixes that could be necessary and recommended. It’s not clear if Cronus will be able to fix this and get its devices working on PS5 again.