Verizon offering $20 discount on additional Unlimited lines

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Verizon is making its unlimited prepaid plans more attractive with a new multi-line promotion. It is offering a $20 discount on additional lines for Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans. You can now have four lines with Verizon’s Unlimited plan for as low as $140 per month, according to a new announcement.

Save $20 on additional lines on Verizon Unlimited plans

Verizon has two options for those looking to tap into its unlimited offerings. The standard Unlimited plan starts at $60/month, but you can get it at $50/month with Autopay or Loyal Discount Price. It gives you 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data across its 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE networks. You won’t get access to the faster 5G Ultra Wideband network, though.


If you want faster 5G, you can get the Unlimited Plus plan at $70/month, discounted to $60/month with Autopay or Loyal Discount Price. At that price, you get 50GB of premium network access. This plan also bumps the high-speed mobile hotspot data cap to 25GB and adds ​Global Choice at no additional cost. The latter perk gives you 180 minutes of free voice calls to a selected country every month. That’s in addition to unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico, which you get with all Verizon plans.

While these perks are quite competitive, Verizon’s latest promotion makes both unlimited plans even more attractive if you’re willing to get multiple lines. The standard Unlimited plan with two lines is now available for $80/month. You can also get three lines for $110/month and four lines for $140/month.

Likewise, the Unlimited Plus plan costs $100/month for two lines, $140/month for three lines, and $180/month for four lines. That’s a flat $20 discount on each additional line you add to either plan.

Verizon is also offering a discount on a Netflix and Paramount+ bundle

Verizon’s latest promotion comes shortly after the carrier announced a discounted bundle of Netflix Premium and Paramount+ with Showtime. Starting on June 2, the two streaming services are available at $25.99 per month for its customers.

Separately, Netflix Premium costs $19.99 a month, while Paramount+ with Showtime is priced at $11.99. So you’re saving $6 every month with this bundle. interested customers can grab the deal through Verizon’s +play portal.