Verizon's new myPlans Explained: Reading the Fine Print!

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This week, Verizon announced its new unlimited plans, coined “myPlan”. It’s replacing the “more” plans that Verizon had been using over the past few years. These new myPlan options are a lot simpler, but there’s still plenty of changes here. And after studying the plans, and reading the fine print, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the new myPlans: Unlimited Welcome and Unlimited Plus.

What is myPlan?

myPlan is really just the name for unlimited now at Verizon. As the two unlimited plans are called “Unlimited Welcome” and Unlimited Plus”. These plans are identical to the older plans, and the price is even cheaper. However, Verizon did take out all of the perks. So no more Disney Bundle, Apple Music and other things included here. You can add those for $10/month each.


The perks are all $10 per month, and each perk is normally priced higher. So you’re still saving on each one. For instance, Verizon is offering the Apple Music Family plan for $10/month, Apple charges $16.99/month for it.

It’s an interesting way to do it, and it has upset a lot of people, since these were included in their plan, and now to get the same perks, their bill would be going up.

Unlimited Welcome

Unlimited Welcome is their entry-level Unlimited plan now. As you might expect with that name. It gives you unlimited 5G data. While it does not mention 5G UW (that’s their mmWave and C-Band network), it is included, but throttled to 25Mbps. Still very usable however. There is a limit here of 500GB. Which is quite a jump from its older plans, that had a cap of 50GB. Basically, after you hit 500GB of data, you’ll be throttled to 4Mbps. Which is also an upgrade, previously, you’d be throttled to 128Kbps.

With this plan, there’s nothing else included. Only unlimited talk, text and data. There’s no mobile hotspot included, but that can be added through one of the add-ons which we’ll talk about later.


On top of this, video will stream at 480p. That’s DVD quality streaming, and for most things, it’s perfectly fine. But there is an option to upgrade to HD video streaming, for an additional fee.

The final thing to keep in mind here is that when it comes to buying new phones or other devices, you won’t get the best deals on this plan. That’s saved for the Unlimited Plus plan. Additionally, for those bringing your own device, you will only get up to $180 promotional credit. While Unlimited Plus gets up to $540 in promotional credit.

Now for the pricing, it will start at $65 for the first line. Two lines are $55 each, three are $40 each and four are $30 each. Now, because three lines are $40 and four lines are $30, that effectively means that the fourth line is free. As both three and four lines here are $120. These prices are for auto-pay and paper-free billing, those not enrolled will see prices go up by $10 per month, per line.

Unlimited Plus

The other plan is Unlimited Plus. This gives you truly unlimited data on 5G and 5G UW (that’s mmWave and C-Band networks), with no possibility of being slowed down. That’s really great to see from Verizon, especially if you take an occasional speed test.


The only limit on this plan is the mobile hotspot. It’s 30GB of premium data, and once you use up that data it’ll be slowed to 3Mbps on 5G UW or 600Kbps on 5G/LTE for the rest of the billing cycle.

When it comes to video, streaming will be done in up to 4K, where available. This will depend on your phone and also what app you’re using for streaming, and only on 5G UW. If you’re streaming on the 5G or LTE networks, it’ll be limited to 720p streaming. Now the caveat here is that this needs to be turned on for the line, in your MyVerizon app. otherwise, it’ll be 720p and 480p streaming, respectively.

A few other things to consider here, with Unlimited Plus you will get the best deals on new devices. You will also get up to $540 in promo credit when you bring your own phone, and Verizon is also doing a 3-year price guarantee. And finally, you will get up to 50% off on a connected device plan. So if you wanted to get an LTE smartwatch, that plan would be $5 instead of $10.

Pricing here starts at $80 for a single line. It’s $70 per line for two, $55 per line for three and $45 per line for four. Keep in mind that these prices are with auto-pay and paper-free billing. Otherwise, it’ll be $10 more per month, per line.


Verizon’s new Perks

With these new plans, Verizon is giving customers the ability to get the perks you want. Instead of being stuck with those you don’t care for. So far, there’s eight perks you can choose from. However, Verizon has said they are going to be adding more. These are the perks that Verizon currently has, keep in mind that each one is $10, through Verizon.

  • 100GB Mobile Hotspot
  • Walmart+ Membership
  • Disney Bundle
  • Apple One (Individual)
  • Apple Music Family
  • 3 TravelPass Days
  • 2TB Cloud Storage (Verizon Cloud)
  • +play Monthly Credit

You can add as many or as few as you want, to your plan.

Verizon’s Unlimited Welcome vs Unlimited Plus: Which should you choose?

So which plan should you choose? Unlimited Welcome is definitely the better plan, and at $80 it’s actually not too crazy priced. It’s especially good for those that do a lot of travel, or aren’t home much. However, if you are like me and work from home, then Unlimited Plus is a better option.

Why does everyone hate these new plans, when they are actually cheaper? Well, that’s because the perks they were getting before were “included” and now to add them back, you’d be paying more for month. For instance, Verizon’s 5G Get More plan, their highest-end plan which was $90 per month, but included Apple Music, Disney Bundle, as well as a few other things. To get those add-ons now, would cost you $110. That’s a big jump in price. But if you were only using one of those perks, then it’s the same price.

These are actually good plans, and they are also very easy to understand versus their old plans.