Volkswagen plugs ChatGPT into its cars and SUVs

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The AI fever is on! Volkswagen, among the many, has embraced this technology. Notably, Volkswagen announced its plans to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its vehicles at CES 2024. Expectedly, this integration will start rolling out in the second quarter of 2024. Now, you might be wondering about the necessity of having a Volkswagen ChatGPT car. However, Volkswagen is prepared with an answer. They strongly believe that upcoming updates will show how useful ChatGPT can be. They say ChatGPT will make talking in the car better, give quick answers, let you chat naturally, share car information, and all of this without needing to touch anything—just by speaking.

Volkswagen’s ChatGPT integration will first come to Europe

Volkswagen’s ChatGPT integration will be available across its lineup, including in Tinguan, Passat, and Golf, as well as their electric ID series. Initially, it will come to Europe, with potential plans for a US release still under discussion.


Volkswagen is making its in-car voice assistant better by adding ChatGPT. This means people in the car can talk more easily with the car’s system. People can use this voice assistant to do things like change the temperature or ask questions. But, sometimes ChatGPT might give wrong answers so it’s good to be careful.

Volkswagen won’t force you to download new apps to use this chatbot

Volkswagen says you don’t need to make a new account or download any apps to use their chatbot. You can turn it on by saying “Hello IDA” or pressing a button on your steering wheel. OpenAI won’t see any of your driving data, as Volkswagen deletes all questions and answers right away to keep your information safe.

Most car voice assistants can only do basic things like turning on heaters. They struggle to have good conversations or understand complex directions. Sometimes, you have to repeat what you say. Big car companies often use voice assistants from big tech companies like Google and Amazon.

But Volkswagen is different. Even if some people say their ChatGPT makes mistakes, Volkswagen keeps going. While other companies are still thinking about using AI in cars, Volkswagen is moving forward. They are working with a company called Cerence to make sure ChatGPT works well in their cars.