One of YouTube's latest updates seems to have broken the app

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It’s never fun when a new update breaks an app, especially if it’s an app used as much as YouTube. This is a television replacement for a lot of mobile users, so many people rely on it to work. However, after one of its latest updates, the YouTube app keeps crashing for some users.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure which version of YouTube is causing the issue. Here at Android Headlines, we are currently on version 19.03.35, which was released on January 19th, and we have not experienced this issue. Reports about this have been coming out over the past week, so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which version of YouTube is crashing.


Hopefully, it’s fixed quickly. The company has been dealing with drama surrounding its fight against ad blockers. After reports of YouTube running slowly for browsers with ad blockers enabled, people thought that YouTube was throttling its performance. However, it turns out that it was the ad blocker’s fault.

One of the latest YouTube updates is causing it to crash

This issue has gained a bunch of traction over the past week. We’ve seen complaints about this issue in several places across the internet including Reddit posts, a Google Forum post, and an X post. In the X post, we got a screenshot of the app crash in action.

The description of the app crash is consistent with what we see in the screenshot. When attempting to load a video, the video itself would not load. Also, the description and related videos would be vacant. After a couple of seconds, you get the “YouTube isn’t responding” popup followed by the app totally crashing. Upon restarting the app, people would experience the issue again.

This is definitely a frustrating issue, and we’ve yet to receive a response from YouTube about it. However, it’s possible that YouTube could have patched this in a recent update. It’s just hard to tell because we don’t know what version number of YouTube is having the issue.

One possible solution noted by 9To5Google suggests side-loading the beta version of the app. This, obviously, comes with some risks associated. If you’re not comfortable with side-loading apps into your phone, they may just want to wait for the patch to eventually come out. This issue has gained traction across multiple spots on the internet, it’s likely to be picked up by YouTube’s radar and fixed in a timely manner.