Samsung patent shows a smartphone with extendable display

Featured image for Samsung patent shows a smartphone with extendable display

A newly disclosed patent of a ‘square-shaped Samsung smartphone’ with an extendable display is capturing attention as it addresses some challenges associated with flexible displays in foldable phones. David Kowalski on X and Websiterating collaboratively discovered and shared this patent.

The problem that this rollable display patent solves:

Most smartphone manufacturers have significantly improved the hinge mechanism on foldable devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the OnePlus Open, to prevent the expensive display panel from cracking over time. However, the crease on the display panel is something that takes some time to get used to.


In the foldable design, the display folds with a very small radius of curvature, which results in an unwanted crease over the hinge area. This new extendable form factor will reportedly increase the radius of the curved shape and possibly eliminate the crease. Notably, this ‘square-shaped Samsung smartphone with an extendable screen‘ also solves the problem of the spring-back effect in metal layers of extendable displays.

Samsung extendable display patent 2

The patent talks about a display panel with three distinct portions

One of the key features introduced by the patent is a display panel with three distinct portions. It highlights parallel alignment and unique connections. The design incorporates a support member with three support parts, including a curved portion. It contributes to the flexibility and resilience of the display.

Various portions of the display panel extend in different directions, adding versatility to the device’s form factor. The patent also outlines a manufacturing method involving the use of a sliding core for bending, filling the support member, and bonding components with adhesive.

This patent from Samsung represents a significant stride in the development of flexible display technology. Users can expect more robust, durable, and versatile foldable devices in the future. The innovations introduced in the patent may usher in a new generation of displays that seamlessly blend flexibility with reliability. This opens doors to a range of creative and practical applications such as a phone with rollable display.