Apple will be first to use TSMC's 2nm chips

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It seems like Apple will be the very first company to use TSMC’s 2nm chips. This information comes from DigiTimes. The source says that Apple is “widely believed to be the initial client to utilize the process”, and that info is acquired from sources that the site spoke to.

Apple could become the first company to get its hands on TSMC’s 2nm chips

TSMC is expected to begin production of 2nm chips in the second half of next year. We’re not sure if the iPhone 17 models will get it, but it sure looks like a possibility. We’ll have to wait and see. If not the iPhone 17 series, then the iPhone 18 devices for sure.


With that being said, some of you may not know what that means. Well, the 2nm term refers to the architecture and design used to build that chip. The decreases in node size correspond to a smaller transistor size. The more transistors that can be placed on a processor, the more of a speed boost the chip gets. Also, power efficiency gets improved too.

The Apple A17 Pro is a 3nm processor

Apple’s current-gen flagship processor, the Apple A17 Pro, is a 3nm processor. Apple’s M3 series chips are also built on the 3-nanometer node. The jump from 5 to 3nm nodes brought various advantages to the table.

2nm nodes are set to move things forward even more. TSMC is even rumored to be working on 1nm nodes. The company is actually already preparing for manufacturing of such chips, based on a recent report.

2nm chip manufacturing will be more complex

It’s also worth saying that TSMC’s shift to 2nm tech will also see the company adopt GAAFET (gate-all-around field-effect transistors) with nanosheets, instead of FinFET. That will make manufacturing more complicated, that’s for sure.

Do note that TSMC still hasn’t confirmed anything regarding its 2nm chips, so it remains to be seen how accurate this report is.